Le Beat Root un tongue drum unique avec un son profond et mélodieux

Un instrument de percussion qui s'inspire du concept hang drum

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Tongue Drum Multi Gamme

The Multi-Scale Beat Root tongue drum is the first tongue drum regrouping 6 different scales in one tongue drum.

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Tongue Drum Full Tone

The Beat Root Full Tone tongue drum in C is a tongue drum which has the particularity of offering the 8 notes of the C scale (C, D, E, F, G, A, B, C) and which offers 4 scales in the same instrument: C Major, C Minor natural, C Minor harmonic and C Minor melodic.

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Tongue Drum Multi Gamme 432Hz

432Hz tongue drum doesn't match with conventional instruments tuned in 440Hz but on the other hand, 432Hz frequency is supposed to have therapeutic virtues acting on well-being and relaxation.

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Tongue Drum Stock B

Tongue Drum Stock B

These tongue drums at a lower price are brand new tongue drums with small aesthetic defects that occurred during their manufacture but which of course have an irreproachable quality in terms of sound.

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The tongue drum is a melodic and intuitive percussion. Widely used in the field of well-being (yoga, relaxation, meditation, sound baths) the very soft sound of the instrument as well as its very quick handling make it an ideal instrument for this type of use.

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